Off The Rails On The Radar

In a rare moment of self-promotion (you know I’m a bit rubbish at this) I can be heard with the excellent Karin Slaughter and others on BBC’s Front Row (might have helped if I’d told you when it was actually broadcast) here. And ‘Bryant & May Off The Rails’ got a starred review in Publishers Weekly with this;

British author Fowler’s outstanding eighth Peculiar Crimes Unit mystery (after 2009’s Bryant & May on the Loose) easily conveys the main characters’ rich backstories in the course of a typically bizarre series of puzzles. In the previous book, the PCU, spearheaded by elderly senior detectives Arthur Bryant and John May, apprehended the King’s Cross Executioner (aka Mr. Fox), who beheaded his victims, but failed to keep him in custody. In making his escape, Fox killed a police constable. In order to continue being funded, the team now has a week to recapture the fugitive.

A series of mysterious events in the London Underground may also be Fox’s work: the fatal fall of a single mother down a flight of stairs and the disappearance of a drunken social engineering student after boarding a late-night train. Fowler has few peers when it comes to constructing ingenious and intricate plots–or integrating contemporary technology into a golden age mystery plot.

4 comments on “Off The Rails On The Radar”

  1. Cid says:

    You’ve just made me listen to the closing theme tune of The Archers. Shame on you.

  2. J. Folgard says:

    Glad to see the two ol’boys getting such good press. Here’s hoping it helps the series going as long as you like it (and maybe, seeing that short stories collection published, eh?). Cheers!

  3. Vickie Farrar says:

    Locally, I always see several Bryant & May trade paperbacks in stock at both Borders and B&N. I can only assume they keep stocking them because people keep buying them (and I’m in Southern Nevada, U.S.A., not exactly known for a reading populous). So: Hooray! (oh, and GREAT review, which points out the intellect behind the scenes…)

  4. Ian says:

    There’s a review of Off the Rails in the August Literary Review. There’s posh!

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