Monthly Archives: July 2010

Letting Go

So here’s the problem. I’m in Mykonos (which now consists of clubbers, Chinese tourists, upmarket Brits, cats and a handful of black-dressed old Greek ladies watching in bewildered acceptance of their island’s changes) and I just can’t let go. I have my Macbook Air in my bag, and while everyone else boards boats for the […]

The Celebrity Blog: Day One

It started when I spoke with an old friend who worked for a film PR agency. She looks after major Hollywood stars when they come to London, and sometimes her job, which seems glamorous, turns into a living nightmare. I made notes, changed names, and wrote her indiscreet tattle out as a short story. Some […]

Until The New Routemaster Gets Here

While we’re waiting for the only plank of Boris Johnson’s election platform to appear in the form of five new Routemaster buses, let’s take a look at the old one, featuring a ridiculously youthful (as opposed to ‘ageless’) Cliff Richard. Why? ‘Cause tonight I’m going on my summer holiday.

It’s Friday, Let’s Have Songs!

Here’s an early Disney entry from Pogo, followed by their recent one… Ricardo Autobahn & Spray have been knocking about online for a while but it’s good samplin’…

What The Writer Did Next

I was always amused when, interviewing media studies graduates, I had this conversation (regularly) ME: What exactly do you want to do? THEM: I’d like to be in films. ME: Yes, but doing what? THEM: Oh, I don’t really mind. Which is a bit like saying you don’t mind whether you’re a charity worker or […]

A Way Around The iPad Problem

Just a reminder that although the very lovely iPad doesn’t currently support Flash, you can still view this site just by typing; Because the Flash part is just in the site entrance.

Doing The Continental

I’ve always had a weakness for big summer stadium shows, and Jean-Jacques Goldman always knows how to put deliver the goods. This example is worth watching from the 4 minute mark, when the number literally takes off. You can work out how they did this if you look carefully.

Animal Farm – The Musical

Orwell’s classic 1945 work, a lesson in the corrupting nature of power, is studied by English literature students across the country for its elaborate allegorical references to Stalinist Russia. But in the hands of Sir Elton John and Lee Hall, the award-winning creators of the musical version of Billy Elliot, George Orwell’s dystopian novella is […]

Re:View – Mother

‘Mother’ has a primal title for a good reason – the bond that the unnamed mother in the film feels for her mentally slow son is unbreakable. The film makes perfect sense in an Eastern matriarchy (in this case, Korea) as it reveals the lengths to which a mother will go to help her son. […]

The English Explained In A Single Clip

One of the fun things about YouTube is sorting through your childhood media influences, and for me (and I suspect many writers who use comedy to leaven darkness) Monty Python was a formative experience. But before that, of course, there was At Last The 1948 Show with virtually the same cast and mindset, and before […]