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Bryant and May

Okay, Colin from St Albans or Mr J West from Dublin, you both placed reviews of ‘Bryant & May Off The Rails’ – Mr Lancaster kindly donated his for the fun of it – but if either of you would like to claim your signed first edition, I’ll need you to post your addresses here…no news yet as to whether I’ll be able to continue the series, but I have my fingers crossed.

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  1. paulette robinson says:

    Just finished Bryant and May Off the Rails and loved it!! Another triumph. Trouble is, you can’t write them as fast as I can read them so I’m now settling down to wait for the next one in this brilliant series! Many thanks and keep it up!!

  2. Maggers says:

    Hello Mr. Fowler,
    I didn’t get to Amazon in time or else I would have written the best first review in the world because I LOVED Off The Rails.
    So bearing that in mind, could I have Mr. Lancaster’s unclaimed signed copy?

  3. admin says:

    Hmmm – ‘Would have written’ doesn’t quite cut it for me – you could still have posted a review! As it is, the copy went to another blogger who did post. Better luck next time!

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