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Hotel bookshelves are very revealing. It seems European tastes are all the same when it comes to holiday reading; Karin Slaughter, Patricia Cornwell, the ubiquitous Stieg and various local equivalents – seems we don’t stray too far from safety by the side of the pool. American hotels reveal a slightly different story, with self-help and business books proving highly popular. Personally, I try to balance fiction with non-fic and a couple of popular authors I’ve never tried before, often, it turns out, with good reason.

The travel website Tripadvisor, among others, just ran a survey of our holiday habits, and it seems the English and Americans are considered the most poorly attired, the Italians the best but the least well-read, Germans the biggest readers, the French least likely to attempt to speak in another language, and so on.
Occasionally you’ll find a gem of a novel left behind in a hotel, but usually we discard the ephemeral – or the books which are, figuratively and literally, too heavy. No eReaders here though – not one anywhere – so where’s the holiday reading revolution they were supposed to be introducing?

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  1. Invisible with all the glare – or not particularly splashproof?

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