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The first ten writers whose stories were chosen from the Campaign For Real Fear will be appearing in Black Static 17:

‘Copy Degradation’ by Gemma Files
‘The Rude Little Girl’ by Kaaron Warren
‘Nice One, Truly’ by Alan Morgan
‘On The Beaten Path’ by Janos Honkonken
‘In The Night Supermarket’ by James Burt
‘Shades of Blue’ by Catherine MacLeod
‘This Is Mung’ by Christine Emmett
‘The Price’ by Jennifer Williams
‘The Flinchfield Dance’ by Mary Elizabeth Burroughs
‘Sanctuary’ by Katherine Hughes

The second group of ten will appear in Black Static 18

‘See You Later’ by M. M. De Voe
‘The Exchange’ by Eileen Chao
‘Under The Microscope’ by Donald Jacob Uitvlugt
‘Cuckoo’ by Lorraine Slater
‘Showtime’ by James Carroll
‘Infected With Death’ by John Fagan
‘Give Me More Eyes for Nakedness’ by Paul Synnott
‘Dreadless’ by Anna Rogala
‘Big Brother, Little Sister’ by Sam Fleming
‘Hounded’ by Christina Koh

The stories will be accompanied by data and comments about who entered, how the competition worked, and why we made particular choices. Hopefully this will prove useful to all entrants, to see how the process worked. It was an eye-opening exercise for Maura and I.

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