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I thought my local borough, Islington Council, was less crap than Camden, my last borough of residence, where councillor Frank ‘Dobbin’ Dobson has had his feet firmly wedged under the table for centuries and will probably be carried headlong out of his office, but now I’m not so sure. Through my mailbox comes notice that we’re to become the first 20 mph borough. Their leaflet says ‘We carried out a consultation last year asking Islington residents whether you would like to see the speed limit on all non-main roads in Islington reduced from 30mph to 20mph. We received responses from 25% of you, with two thirds telling us that you support a 20mph speed limit.’

So, with the backing of two thirds of just 25% of the residents (why mix fractions and decimals?) this becomes law, and tons of new signs will be scarring the borough, while councillors rub their hands at the thought of the extra fine revenues from cars that creep over a crawl.

More examples of crap local government here please!

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  1. Mary says:

    This is seriously daft. In Somerset, we have lots of square shaped road humps; very dicey and enough to shake your false teeth from your mouth. Do you have lots of little old ladies, frantic children and stray dogs to warrant 20 mph?

  2. admin says:

    Pas du tout – the backstreets are virtually bare of human beings.

  3. I.A.M. says:

    I wish I could provide further examples of stupid efforts to modify otherwise benign behaviour of local citizenry. I no longer bother to absorb the developments, however, as they all make my head explode, so the effort is no longer engaged in.

    Might I suggest employing little old ladies and / or children in a minimum number of hours spent wandering in the middle of the roads of Kings Cross / Islington so as to justify this silly rules-making? Perhaps a sport of ‘see how far you can bounce them off the bonnet of the car’ could be begun? Perhaps the council could take part along with the elderly & slack-jawed youths? This way we’d be rid of the infirm, the stupid, and the useless (the council being all three at once; bonus!)?

  4. old West Londoner says:

    This is just to protect people texting, playing games & phoning their boss pretending they are ill or working from home while wandthe sreets not observing anything.

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