Wish You Were Here, Love Dracula

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Artist Graham Humphries has been staying in Dracula’s holiday town of Whitby, North Yorkshire, where he has been casting a painterly eye about the Abbey – this is what he came back with. Sometimes I wonder if Yorkshire isn’t more sinister than Transylvania. For me, Bram Stoker’s Dracula remains the only big gothic novel that’s still readable and enjoyable (I’ve always struggled with Frankenstein). I once wrote a story which purported to be a missing chapter from Jonathan Harker’s memoirs called ‘Dracula’s Library’. I think it’s been anthologised a few times. I tried to match Stoker’s tone as closely as possible. As always, click on pics to see big versions.

5 comments on “Wish You Were Here, Love Dracula”

  1. Mary says:

    Both my son and I enjoy Bram Stoker’s style. Whenever Tim is stressed (he’s a psychiatric nurse) he reads ‘Dracula’. I’m quite convinced that one day I’ll find him hanging upside down in the barn, with his little leathery wings folded around him! Whitby appears to be a wonderful and dramatic place for painting.

  2. Tabitca says:

    I used to live in Whitby. It does have an atmosphere all of it’s own and I can see where Bram Stoker got his ideas from.The Abbey and St Mary’s Churchyard are very spooky at night.It does attract a lot of artists as well as goths. The Goths are wonderful and much preferable to the Morris Dancers that used to invade in the summer.The bells..the bells….

  3. Karin says:

    Being stuck in Whitby, Ontario now seems even worse!
    Thanks alot.

  4. These are beautiful. Timely too, since today is the day when Bram Stoker put on a four-hour (!) staged reading of Dracula to protect the copyright. Love to read the reviews of that one..!

  5. Keith Page says:

    Great pics, with a touch of Nosferatu about the middle one. And you’re right about
    ‘Frankenstein’ which is pretty dull by modern standards.

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