Feeling You're Behind

Christopher Fowler
You know the feeling - things are moving faster around you and it's just not possible to keep up. I look at my unread copy of Time Out (I've been buying it since the first issue, it's a habit like heroin) and realise I've been blind to what's been happening in the capital over the last few days. Museums At Midnight - how did I miss the chance to take candlelit tours around late night museums, galleries and rarely opened buildings? Wellington arch and Apsley House, the Observatory after dark, 100 Years Of Nightlife London, Surgery By Gaslight, all gone! And new exhibition openings - the Florence Nightingale Museum, the Hunterian, Docklands Horrors, a week-long 10th anniversary bash at the Tate! At least I'm still in time for the grand re-opening of the Museum of London. I missed Ron Arad at the Barbican and 'Smother' at King's Cross, literally a few metres from where I live. Don't even start on theatre. I missed Mark Rylance in 'Jerusalem'. I had opening night tickets to 'Warhorse' last year and didn't go because it had puppets, and now Steven Bloody Spielberg is making it into a film! And nightlife - although I'm glad I opted out of London Rumble, the night where you strip to your pants and brawl with strangers to screamo hardcore bands. The joke is that I'm not exactly going anywhere else. I'm struggling at home with a book idea while the credit crunch destroys our savings and volcanic ash wipes out our holiday plans - thank you Iceland, what have you ever given the world apart from bankruptcy and Bjork? Because doing all this gets expensive - London has plenty to offer if you're on a budget, but saves its grandest events for the moneyed. And the worst thing is, there's another Time Out coming out today, so the whole cycle starts again!


Mary (not verified) Tue, 18/05/2010 - 11:23

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Thanks so much for the beautiful photo of the fountain in Trafalgar Square...I was standing just behind that in 1953, clutching my pigeon seed.
Take heart, I'm sure the book will evolve.Creativity is a strange and uncertain thing. Before the onset of decrepitude, I used to paint in water colour...some days, I was like Jiminy Cricket, other days, I was like a blob of cold uninspired porridge and sat, staring at the wall.

Helen Martin (not verified) Wed, 19/05/2010 - 02:55

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"with my pigeon seed." And last September I met the beautiful and deadly hawk that is brought to the square to ... well, you know.

Mike Cane (not verified) Sat, 22/05/2010 - 18:38

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>>>I had opening night tickets to 'Warhorse' last year and didn't go because it had puppets

PUPPETS kept you away?! Didn't all your exposure to Gerry Anderson teach you anything? (Oy, you, not a bad word about Gerry's work!)