The Return Of Mr Cool

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Poking about in the musty basement of Vinmag House in Brewer Street yesterday, I came across this flyer and presumed it was for a long-gone event, but NO! It’s not yet happened! Having already had lunch with Hilary Dwyer from ‘Witchfinder General’ (and probably frightening the life out of her by reciting her dialogue lines verbatim) I find I can now do it all over again with the other star of the movie. (Obviously Vincent Price is the star too, but harder to collar these days, being deceased).

Here’s a rather good trailer for this strangely wonderful film, Britain’s only western. ‘He stood alone against the forces of devilish destruction!’


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  1. Anne Hill Fernie says:

    If people want cool – check out 1980s Manchester exploitation film maestro Cliff Twemlow (‘GBH’, ‘Eye of Satan’, ‘Tokyo Sunrise’ etc) – the so-called ‘Orson Welles of Salford’ – cracking stuff…….

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