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A sweet story in the news today about a yacht called Titanic sinking in the Caribbean. Three crew were rescued after one of them dialled from memory the number of a pal in Wales who serves as a volunteer on the local lifeboat.

With their yacht listing badly, short of power and too far from the nearest island to use VHF radio, the crew members cheered when the 4,000-mile call from their satellite telephone got through. But the guy they called was queuing to pay in a DIY store and thought it was a joke, especially when he heard the boat’s name.

It all turned out a lot better than when Tony Hancock picked up a sinking boat on his radio and started arguing with the crewman before shouting ‘It’s not my fault you’ve got a hole in your boat, you should learn to steer it better.’ Here’s a reminder of the show, and the rest can be found on YouTube.


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  1. Not that they were tempting fate or anything with that name, but, y’know…

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