Make Somebody Disappear


Davenport’s Magic Shop has been mentioned before here because it’s one of the few things in London that’s still around from my childhood. It’s been going since 1898 and is now hidden underneath Charing Cross. It’s also running magic courses in small groups of up to 16 – the staff are great and there are all kinds of weird and wonderful tricks to buy. This and Pollock’s Toy Shop are all that make a shopping trip to the West End worthwhile, now that the whole of Oxford Street has been given over to girls’ tops.

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  1. My recent discovery is ‘Viktor Wynd’s Little Shop of Horrors’, 11, Mare Street, London E9. Open friday-sunday 12-6pm.
    An eclectic museum of ‘wonder inspiring objects’ ranging from shrunken heads, skulls, taxidermy, carniverous plants to Mac Donald’s happy toys and ivory phalluses.

  2. Joss Bundy says:

    When I was little my Mother took me into Davenports for a treat after a visit to the Mummies at The British Museum.

    I was terrified and ran out screaming! I have no idea why…just found it a bit creepy

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