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Author threads have now been set up on the The British Fantasy Society board. The idea is to give authors a proper home/hub, and hopefully the BFS will prove to be the ideal place. You’ll find it here at;

It’s under the Promote your Project section and called Ask the Author. It’s for members and non-members so if you want to, you can establish a thread by simply putting your name and posting your news of projects, stories and where they can be seen, covers and when they are coming out. You can post reviews, interviews, blogs, etc. Lucius Shepherd, Stephen Volk, Tim Lebbon, Sarah Pinbrough and over 50 authors/artists have a thread there so far.

2 comments on “A Hub For Horror”

  1. Michael says:

    I am the producer/director of a new horror feature entitled Hollow. Please find an overview of our film here: http://www.nilsgaard.com/Images/Hollow.pdf.

    We will be closing fundraising soon. Once we do, we would like to bring a script editor on board to work with our screenwriter streamlining the build of the screenplay, fine tuning the characters, and developing a new angle on the found footage horror genre.

    We are on a limited budget but would be able to offer modest compensation and/or shares in the film. The ideal person would be an experienced writer in the horror genre who would be interested in being part of an exciting, creatively rewarding film production with high potential remuneration on the backend.

    Would this be something that you might be interested in?


  2. admin says:

    Hi Michael – Thanks for your post. I’m afraid I don’t take commissions on other projects outside my own.

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