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The Campaign For Real Fear Gathers Pace

The World Horror Convention was a great place to spread the word about the campaign that Maura McHugh and I have set up to increase the diversity and range of modern horror stories. Now the Guardian newspaper is helping to encourage writers to put digit to keyboard in this article. We’ve had some truly tough-to-beat […]

A Brief Scene In A London Pub

Sometimes you have to see your over-familiar surroundings through the eyes of a visitor to realise how strange the world is. The Canadian* has been visiting, and requires gentlemen’s refreshment, so we head to a local pub, the King Charles 1 in King’s Cross. The pub is always either packed or closed, according to some […]

Hidden London: A Shop Of Horrors

You know how it is – you’re out shopping, you need to find a two-headed teddy bear, a shrunken head or a stuffed raven. Obviously the place to head for is Viktor Wynd’s Little Shop Of Horrors at 11, Mare Street E8, a recommendation from my dear friend Graham Humphries. Get there before it becomes […]

Vipers On!

If you have a problem with snakes, you’ll want to keep away from ‘Hellion: The Curse Of Snakes’ – my first teen horror novel now has its own website here, and there will be new bits added to it in the coming days, with an author interview and other stuff. Hiss hiss hooray!

World Horror: What You Missed

The weather, of course, was contrary, but the events were hot and wonderfully strange. Most of the energetic talks and panels were crowded and had to be forcibly wrapped with the questions still pouring in. There was a surprise appearance by Neil Gaiman (spare a thought, though, for ace supernatural writer Jasper Kent, whose launch […]

Pan’s People

The Pan Books of Horror were Britain’s most influential collections of horror stories and ran from 1959 onward, producing volumes over the next thirty years. Toward the end of the run I was privileged to make it into the collections a couple of times. Now, the volume ‘Back From The Dead’ under editor Johnny Mains, […]

Make Somebody Disappear

Davenport’s Magic Shop has been mentioned before here because it’s one of the few things in London that’s still around from my childhood. It’s been going since 1898 and is now hidden underneath Charing Cross. It’s also running magic courses in small groups of up to 16 – the staff are great and there are […]

So Many Films, So Little Time

Just as well we’ll never have to bother with this one. My pal Guy Adams sends me a reminder that the heady days of Amicus horror and SF weren’t all that heady. The big space weapon looks suspiciously like one of those things you used to fire ping-pong balls at your mates with.

The Cheats’ Guide To Crime Movies

There comes a moment in ‘The Dark Knight’ when you realise you’ve been tricked into watching a different film. Batman has been given an impossible choice by the Joker. He can save the woman he loves, or the man who is Gotham’s only future hope. Suddenly you realise this isn’t a superhero movie at all, […]

British Character Actors No.5: Hattie Jacques