Real Bryant & May Locations Nos 4 & 5

Bryant and May

St Pancras Old Church

St Pancras Mortuary

Today’s pictures show the church where Bryant and May begin their search for the elusive Mr Fox in ‘Bryant & May On The Loose’. St Pancras Old Church lays claim to being the oldest surviving church in Europe. It’s here that Thomas Hardy toiled in the graveyard, stacking headstones. Happily. the present vicar is nowhere near as ghastly as the one the detectives encounter.

The slightly sinister St Pancras Mortuary, which is now headed by Giles Kershaw, is attached to the Hospital for Tropical Diseases, although the actual part now used is more modern and on the far side of the building. When I was a kid there was a local commercial running in the Odeon Cinema, Camden that stated ‘Come to the Rupali Restaurant for a taste of authentic India, two minutes from the Tropical Diseases Hospital.’ Incredibly, both of these seemingly desolate places are a two-minute walk from the bustling Eurostar Terminus at King’s Cross.

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  1. Helen Martin says:

    I tried to find St Pancras in my London A to Z and couldn’t. Maybe I didn’t try adding “Old Church” to it. There is a lot of messyness on Google World, too. At least now I know what it actually looks like – just the way it is described, of course.

  2. Terenzio says:

    Look under St. Pancras Gardens……and yes I know it tis a cemetery, but a lovely cemetery nonetheless. It is north of St. P (home of the Eurostar) and Kings Cross and is off St Pancras Road, a big thoroughfare that separates the two stations. On a map, find where Euston Road and St. Pancras Road meet and look to the north near Regent’s Canal.

  3. Terenzio says:

    In the street index, St Pancras Road might be listed simply as Pancras Road under “P” as opposed to under “S” for St.

  4. I.A.M. says:

    Once I get around to doing the On the Loose map, both these locations, plus many many more, will be easy to find on the “Bryant & May Maps” page. It’s possible that maps may also be done for the non-canonical tales such as Soho Black as well as the B&M short stories and books like Roofworld, but the B&M novels and short stories are presumably the most location-centric of the literary output of “Admin”.

    If this keeps up one may have to begin work on some sort of “Guide to B&M” or “B&M Concordance” or something, much as one can find Shakespeare’s Who’s Who or Complete Holmes Indexes and so on. Creating a pub crawl even for just one of the novels, and especially The Victoria Vanishes, would result in wide-spread alcohol poisoning before anyone completed the tour.

  5. Michael says:

    More of these please! I’m planning a Bryant and May walking tour for my friends.

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