Monthly Archives: February 2010

An Actual Blog For A Change

It was one of those nights. On Thursday evening the rain was coming down stair-rods and it was best to get off the street. My other half was going to the royal premiere of ‘Alice In Wonderland’ (not a night for your best clothes), but I was heading for the Museum of London to hear […]

Nostalgia 2: Still There!

Yes, yes, London has Starbucks and KFC and that place with the horrible burgers and the creepy clown (when was the last time you had a burger, honestly?), but what about the places it once had? Hang on, check the picture again and you’ll find it’s recent, for this is the lovely Gordon’s Wine Bar, […]

When Words Lose Meaning

There are certain words that make me bristle when I hear them. One is ‘stylish’, which has absolutely no meaning at all, other than that it possesses a style. Another is ‘award winning’. Apparently Chris Moyles is ‘award winning’, according to the BBC website, although no qualifications are made as to what kind of award […]

Campaign For Real Fear 3

The latest issue of Black Static magazine picks up the banner and runs with the increasingly hot topic of women in horror, while Maura McHugh has provided us with a list of women currently writing in horror, not complete by any means, but an idea of just how many have been brushed aside by lazy […]

Nostalgia Was Better In Those Days

Thanks Terenzio for reminding me about the ‘How To Be A Retronaut’ site, which has, among other wonders, amazing old colour footage of prewar London, plus some sinister ads and oddities. I don’t spend too much time wallowing in the past, but a great thing you can do on a rainy afternoon is head down […]

Real Bryant & May Locations Nos 4 & 5

Today’s pictures show the church where Bryant and May begin their search for the elusive Mr Fox in ‘Bryant & May On The Loose’. St Pancras Old Church lays claim to being the oldest surviving church in Europe. It’s here that Thomas Hardy toiled in the graveyard, stacking headstones. Happily. the present vicar is nowhere […]

More Old London In Colour

Here are two more gems of London in colour going further back, specifically Piccadilly Circus in 1918 and Fleet Street in 1924, both taken on what looks like one of those hot days in August when everyone has left the city, and only those of us who like the feel of warm stone are left […]

Horror For The Boys 2: The Campaign For Real Fear

Our nascent horror movement is beginning to grow, as the press is now starting to pick up on the issue of horror’s narrow focus of young white males thanks to the efforts of writer Maura McHugh, whose blog can be found here. We’re hoping to change the outmoded habits of the past, aiming for some […]

Don’t Go Too Far Away On Holiday – You Might Fall Off

There are those who believe man didn’t step on the moon. And those who remember that the first sentence uttered on another world was screwed up (despite NASA’s recent claims that the modifier was there all along, and Neil Armstrong said ‘That’s one small step for A man, and one giant leap for mankind.’). There […]

Popular Movies You’ve Never Seen

There’s a gigantic gap between European films and Hollywood product. Although there are a great many popular Hollywood films I love (including ‘Avatar’), there have also been too many that just consist of boringly mindless violence – it’s a law of diminishing returns that leaves you desperate for some kind of intelligent story (I’m a […]