Monthly Archives: January 2010

Getting Their Attention

I’ve just read an article in which several newspapers, the Telegraph included, have been castigated for burying tags into the F-formation type in their lead online articles. Apparently we read in the shape of the letter F, starting with the first and second lines, then scanning down the left-hand side of the page. By sticking […]

Bringing Books To Life

This is a commercial produced by the New Zealand Book Council. It’s a tad too long but gets the point across rather elegantly…

London Books For 2010

So many books, such a short life. How to read them? How to lift them? Here are three great London books worthy of your pocket money. ‘London – The Authobiography’ is the story of the city told through the words of its residents. ‘London In 3D’ has a built-in stereoscopic viewer to look at old […]