Treasure In A Timetable

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It’s the kind of story I spend my life making up. In the late 1970s, a North London book dealer sold a box of second-hand books cheaply. Among them was a boring railway timetable no-one had bothered to leaf through. If they had, they’d have found it contained eight etchings produced by William Blake at the height of his powers. Nobody is sure how the missing etchings came to be inserted there, but when the buyer eventually opened the timetable, he recognised the value of its contents. Now the etchings are to go on display at the Tate Britain.

2 comments on “Treasure In A Timetable”

  1. Helen Martin says:

    Glad these weren’t lost. It’s incidents like this that created the whole “I wonder what this paper stuck in this old book” plot line is. The most interesting thing I ever found in a book was a paper with someone’s attempts at creating a Creative Anachronism name for himself. He was a knight, of course, who would want to be a foot soldier, a tinker or a miller?

  2. Shuku says:

    Amazing what shows up in the most unlikely places! Like Helen I’m very glad they weren’t lost – images of the renovated house in the Water Room come to mind.

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