‘Legally Blonde – The Musical’ – Blonde But Not So Dumb

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Having vaguely dreaded it, I was very pleasantly surprised by ‘Legally Blonde’ on the West End stage, which had a smart, knowing book, good performances and witty lyrics. The excellent score is by Laurence O’Keefe, who had a cult hit a few years back with the edgy, dark ‘Bat Boy’. This time he’s rustled up a crowd-pleaser but any fan of ‘Bat Boy’s sharp songs will find a lot to enjoy here. Check out the number below, which starts at around 3:20 in the clip, in which Elle Woods becomes convinced that her court witness is gay.


2 comments on “‘Legally Blonde – The Musical’ – Blonde But Not So Dumb”

  1. Shuku says:

    …serendipity strikes again. *blinkblink*

    My brother (who lives in New York City) is drummer for a band whose lead singer the chap who sings Emmett Forrest in Legally Blonde on Broadway. He’s now singing in the revival of Hair on Broadway too.

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