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Hellion Gorgon

It’s typical. You wait ages for a Gorgon, then three come along at once. A weird synchronicity has resulted in two movies with the same horrific villainess appearing at exactly the same time as my teen horror novel ‘Hellion: Curse Of Snakes’. All three feature Medusa, but of course the other two are the ones with huge budgets. The remake of Clash Of The Titans has a classical Gorgon heavily based on Ray Harryhausen’s version, with a snake for a tail. Percy Jackson And The Lightning Thief (if that’s what they’re calling it now – the title keeps changing) has the lovely Uma Thurman as the Gorgon, and I’ve got a nice illustration, courtesy of Andersen Press, who publish the book next month.
Well, I didn’t plan it this way, but I guess the extra publicity could work in my favour…

6 comments on “Gorgon Bennett!”

  1. I.A.M. says:

    Ride that train to glory, brother!

  2. stephen groves says:

    It looks good.
    all best

  3. Gryphon Jackson says:

    Gorgon for the win

  4. Cole Powell says:

    Uma Thurman was like a thousand times drop dead gorgeous when she was still younger.:~*

  5. Gracie Hayes says:

    i seen Uma personally and she is quite a tall lady,.::.

  6. i am a die hard fan of Kill Bill and at the same time a die hard fan of Uma Thurman too-~~

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