Monthly Archives: January 2010

Why I Hate The King Of Sweden

I hate the King of Sweden. In the last few days he’s played havoc with my holiday plans. It began on the flight. ‘The King would like you to join him in first class,’ whispered the steward, bending close to my ear before realising his mistake, dashing my hopes and sliding away to the distinguished […]

How Marketing Works

And the winner for the Most Gratuitously Comped-In National Monument In The Mistaken Hope That It Will Create More Sales In Its Territory goes to this random insertion of Big Ben on the cover of ‘Cloudy With A Chance Of Meatballs’. I notice the marketeers didn’t bother dropping in an Eiffel Tower for the French […]

Love The Accent

Gordon Griffin, the actor who is playing me in the Magna audio version of my book ‘Paperboy’ is trying to get my accent right, and needs to know if I have a ‘Sarf Lundun’ accent. I’ve never thought of myself as having any accent whatsoever, other than what is know as ‘Received English’ – the […]

Hidden From View

With the arrival of the iPad, total shared communication takes a step closer, even though many tell us that the internet is still in its infant stage. Within my lifetime, an unimaginable amount of information has been made available to all, even though it has been accompanied by an equal weight of deceptive junk. And […]

India Goes For Brokeback

It’s the world’s biggest movie industry, but a deeply conservative one. But lately, the taboos of partial nudity and adultery have been breached in Indian films (although cautiously and with a certain amount of decorum). Now, months before its release, this poster for Dunno Y . . . Na Jaane Kyun has been causing controversy. […]

Kindle Becomes Kindling

Having seen the iPad it becomes pretty obvious where you can stick the Kindle. It’s dead, gone, flushed away. Except that the iPad is really big to carry around, and as I already travel with a dedicated high-gig iPod, an iPhone and a MacBook Air, plus all the requisite charging cables, I’m going to end […]

Holidays: Fantasy Vs Reality

If it’s true that Avatar’s fans are suffering withdrawal symptoms when they leave their immersive 3D world behind in cinemas, they should head for the Maldives right now. Here is an eerie, dreamlike environment that looks and feels real but is plainly impossible. A chain of over a thousand desert islands, many with hotels that […]

The Incredible Shrinking Brain

In this blog I regularly set out my stall for creativity, originality and ideas. Which brings us, it seems, to The Incredible Shrinking Brain. It’s evident all over the place. Here’s a short piece I wrote on the subject last year (70% of what I write gets killed. Some pieces end up on this blog […]

When Is A Writer Not A Writer?

Britain, it turns out, is virtually unique in filling its bestseller lists with ‘celebrity’ memoirs. Professional irritant Chris Evans (a radio DJ) currently holds the Number One book sales slot, with other Dostoyevskian masterworks by Katie Price, someone from X Factor and someone who was in Big Brother just behind. The publishers’ argument is that […]

Ten Reasons To Thank Recent Movies

1. Pixar put a 76 year-old widower in the lead of Up (okay, so he was animated), and defied a number of their licensees, who pulled out because they were fearful of losing youth sales. 2. SF came back! Moon, Triangle, District 9, District 13: Ultimatum and Avatar made it a bumper year. Shame about […]