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‘…He hasn’t got shit all over him,’ to quote a famous Monty Python line. Because we always knew the royals were different, didn’t we? But the differences have lessened over the years. I remember the royal chocolate maker Floris used to have incredible chocolate displays in their shop in Brewer Street (where Vintage Magazines’ is now) but Cadbury has taken over the role, and it seems the royal household’s requirements are rather scaled back. This is from today’s Guardian:

‘The secret recipe is back in the safe for another year, and the dust sheets have gone back over the machinery: the Queen’s Christmas chocolate is ready and has been dispatched to Buckingham Palace. It is, as the red label boasts, truly a “superior” chocolate. Cadbury uses a special machine and a special recipe at the Bournville factory, it has emerged, solely to make batches of gold foil-wrapped dark chocolate just for the royal household, delivered in small boxloads direct to Buckingham Palace, Windsor Castle and Sandringham.

Although labelled Culinary Plain Chocolate, its unusually high cocoa solids content apparently makes it suitable for either cooking or tucking into while watching the Queen’s speech. A company spokesman said: “We do make the Queen a bar of dark chocolate. It’s not for sale to the public. We’ve been providing chocolates to the royal family since Victorian times, but I cannot discuss the recipe.”

The Mail media group, which has mounted a campaign against the giant American Kraft food company’s attempt to take over the chocolate firm, solemnly warned: “If it is taken over, there is no guarantee Cadbury would continue to make the Queen’s chocolate.”

Trust the Daily Mail to worry about the Queen’s chocolate bar as their readership frets itself into a coma over immigrants and mortgages.

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  1. Terenzio says:

    If the readership of the Daily Mail were not interested in the monarchy they would not run stories about the Queen’s special choco bar. If anything, it’s a nice distraction from the worries of the world. A newspaper that only feature serious news would be bleak and depressing. A little piffle to make life bearable. And yes, I found the story about Jessica Simpson going out in public without makeup facinating. Not many women look good with no makeup on.

  2. Helen Martin says:

    Chocolate. Now that I’ve retrieved the Green & Black’s Maya Gold bar from the groceries – aah, that’s better. There was an item in our paper when the last Harry Potter film came out about reality in film. They had pictures of cast members without makeup or touching up and it was revealed that they all suffered from teenage facial blots just like the rest of us. Somehow that seemed very reassuring. I can’t guarantee the pictures were true representations, but they looked real.

  3. Makeup Tips says:

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  4. Debbie Ryan says:

    I am so pleased there is someone who still remembers Floris. I was an employee there for years when I eft school. I started i the Bakery and ended up in the offices. I have been desperately trying to trace old employees but they have since all gone without any trace. The Chocolates and cakes were certainly of a quality we will never see again.

  5. Enma says:

    Dear Debbie, I remember Floris. My name is Enma and I believe we worked at THE HOUSE OF FLORIS together, first at the Bakery then at the packing room and after selling chocolates, cakes and that nice granery bread at the shop. I am the venezuelan girl (any clue?). That was about 38 years ago. Do you remember me?, and Rose the old lady, Ena from Ireland, Liza the manager, Mr. Floris. please answer. I visit London once a year to see my children and grandchildren. I got married to Richard England, the boy that later became the delivery driver for the Ascot Races and for the Queen palace. Maybe you are Debbie I hope so, from Kent, with your long leather boots and lovely hair.

  6. romy says:

    I loved those rose creams, violet creams and cherry brandy from THE HOUSE OF FLORIS at brewer Street.

  7. Marguerite says:

    I also remeber Floris very well and with much affection.
    It was a wonderful shop and there has never been one equal to it since.
    I was privileged to work there during the 1970’s with my mum, who was Ena from Ireland.

  8. Adrian says:

    Hi Debbie and Enma. 1974, were you both there then? I was, but only for one year 🙁 I so wish I had worked there longer. I was mainly in the outside catering dept, in the kitchen. I remember the really old ‘water balance’ lift we had to use to take the baskets of food down to the back doors where it was put into the company van and taken to the various functions. My main task ever morning was to make god knows how many hundred canapes, and often a huge amount of coleslaw. I may be wrong, but I think the driver was ‘george’? I know he was not a very tall gentleman. There was a deaf lady I think. If I am right, I think she was the one who made the ‘hand made’ celebration cakes, and was one of the first to make a Wombles ‘Uncle Bulgaria’ cake.

    Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh those fresh cream gateaux’s. Heck they were like the devils temptation, no chance of losing weight if you saw the chance to get a piece of one of them.

    Hopefully hear from you both.


  9. Enma says:

    Dear Adrian, Marguerite and Debbie. 1972, 1973. I wish too I had worked at Floris for many more years. I still can remember beside the lovely delicious chocolates, the nice people that worked there and that what we shared every day. Rose creams, violet creams, cherry brandy, after eight and more at the packing room. I remember the deaf lady and her cakes for celebrities, once she made huge one in the shape of Collman’s Mustard. I am so happy to find you it doesn’t matter from different years but the same Floris.

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