More Camden Horses


The horses of Camden Market are all new, and the project appears to be ongoing – certainly one of the blacksmiths is still missing his hammer – but there’s a lot of woodwork and metalwork going on in decorative friezes and benches, walls, fountains and staircases all over the market. It’s good to see that craftwork – something this area has long been associated with – has made such a phenomenal return. Meanwhile, the fronts of the high street houses continue to construct mad statuary. It makes Camden a good area to set a scene in a murder mystery (as indeed I probably have).
CamdenCamden horse frieze
Hospital horses

One comment on “More Camden Horses”

  1. Helen Martin says:

    They’re awfully spirited horses to be pulling canal barges. These look more as if they’re ready to pull madam’s barouche up the Mall.

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