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When I was a kid I collected the Pan Books of Horror and frightened myself witless with them. Years later, I ended up in them, with three stories (two in the original series and a third in the relaunched ‘Dark Voices’ version) and was thrilled to become part of the legacy. Now Johnny Mains has reassembled those of us who were in the books (and still living!) for a new anthology of horror. I’ve supplied a new story, and will be very interested to see what the whole thing is like. There are tales from John Burke, Basil Copper, Tony Richards and many others, with a biographical essay on Herbert Van Thal, the original editor, by the new one. Look out for it, Pan fans.

6 comments on “Remembering Pan Horror”

  1. Stan says:

    When is it to be released?

  2. J. Folgard says:

    Yes, can you give us the release details if you’ve got them? I like the anthology format for horror -that’s why I’m so happy Steve Jones is still churning out new volumes of “Best New Horror”. Cheers-

  3. Fiona says:

    Great stuff, I used to collect the Pan Horror Series as a kid and also Dark Voices, still good. Yes the Steve Jones ‘Best New Horror Series’ is most welcome; great way of finding new authors. Also the amount of effort he put into summing up the years (horror) works and Necrology is incredible, a labour of love, surely.

  4. Johnny Mains says:

    The book will have its launch at the World Horror Convention in March 2010 – with it then going on sale to the general public on the 31st of March.

    Thank you all for showing interest – and believe me when I say this, Chris’ story ‘Locked’ is an absolute classic!


  5. J. Folgard says:

    Thanks for the info, I’ll try to get this one!

  6. Johnny Mains says:

    Just a quick update – the book is currently being printed and I should have the first copies in my hand at the end of February, although it won;t be going on sale till the World Horror Convention!

    Have to say, it’s looking bloody good…

    Cheers Chris!

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