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I saw two movies this weekend, ‘2012’, a film of almost surreal stupidity in which a skimpily-clad girl discusses her boob job while walking through post apocalyptic Tibet, and the fate of the whole of India is deemed less important than saving a dog. And this, ’13: Game Of Death’, a ‘What would you do?’ film that the distributors don’t want you to know is in the Thai language. Of the two, the second is better because it has a plot, and a hellishly good one. Expect a Hollywood remake.

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  1. Stephen Groves says:

    Hi Chris,
    I’ve also seen ’13: game of death and thought the plot was very engrossing ,but I might have stopped at the resturant challange.

  2. David Read says:

    Hold on… 2012, isnt that from the people who did Day After Tomorrow? That was so realistic! The bit with the wolves and the ship was so engrossing and a great example of how to seamlessly integrate a suspense scene without looking as if it was shoehorned in.

    But seriously WTF is John Cusack doing in this??

  3. Lana Korona says:

    My enthusiasm for 2012 is not because I think it’s high art with an important social message. Screw that %u2013 this movie is about pure spectacle, and it pulls that off fabulously

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