The Ultimate Christmas Crime Gift

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Generally I don’t recommend gift books, but this is far, far more. My good friend Barry Forshaw has spent many years on this astonishing two-volume set, and his love of the genre shows on every one of British Crime Writing: An Encyclopedia’s 867 pages, featuring some 500 themed essays on British crime in all its guises, pieces on TV and film, thrillers, espionage, historical crime, femmes fatales, academic crime, noir, literary crime and true crime. It’s a bedside book you can dip into for a very long time to come, a rare treat for crime fans, and as it’s pretty expensive, the perfect item for someone to buy you this holiday season!

One comment on “The Ultimate Christmas Crime Gift”

  1. I.A.M. says:

    This looks smashing! Bit of a door-stopper, though; no wonder it’s in two volumes!

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