‘Chinese Embassy Breaks Silence On Jedward’


Probably the funniest Sun headline of the year appeared after the Chinese ambassador complained about shrieking fans of Jedward, the limply camp shriek-haired tone-deaf brothers now amalgamated into one name who are currently enjoying their millisecond of fame on the 1960s talent programme ‘The X Factor’.
They joined a professional entertainer, Jim Carrey, at the turning on the Regent Street Christmas lights, where the theme this year is Disney’s A Christmas Carol (I’m sorry to purists who thought it was actually Dickens’ A Christmas Carol). This is a new motion-capture film which replaces actors with dead-eyed plasticky puppets. And these are the Regent Street lights from above.
Regent St

2 comments on “‘Chinese Embassy Breaks Silence On Jedward’”

  1. Helen Martin says:

    And Mr. Carrey is Canadian (if you have looked at I.A.M.’s site). There’s no law against making new versions of things, but there’s no law against preferring the original, i.e. Dickens’ book. Next choice, Alistair Sims in the black and white film.
    Those stars must be overwhelming from underneath – and isn’t this just a bit early for those lights?

  2. David Read says:

    I’m to old for this, as a lad the Chinese and Russians were baddies. They shot at Bodie and Doyle! Now they apply the dialectic to shitty celeb shows?

    I have visions of them discussing Jordan and Peter Andre in a darkened room ala. any 70’s movie.

    Still good headline for the Sun, they must have had a good snigger at that one.

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