Monthly Archives: October 2009

My Top Ten Autumn Movie List

Ah, autumn! Season of mists, mellow fruitfulness and watching movies in your dressing gown! It’s also awards season in London, the time when I get to vote on European, Independent and Academy movies. Here’s my top ten choice of new and older autumn comfort movies to curl up with. (I’ve just realised there are only […]

Eccentric London Pubs: The Boot & Flogger

This place shouldn’t work. It’s a bugger to find, it shuts early and it sells no beer. But the house champagne is great, the wine list is excellent, the simple menu is lovely and the staff are friendly. It’s off Borough High Street, and well worth checking out. Until recently it was the only hostelry […]

London’s Most Boring Object

Amazingly it’s not Simon Cowell but this, and it turns out there’s an expression about it. ‘So long as the stone of Brutus is safe, so long shall London flourish.’ Supposedly it refers to the Trojan origin of London Stone and its mythical significance to the city. FYI, the London Stone is a block of […]

A Song At Sunset

Thinking further about music (I play music all day while I’m working), I suppose the third huge band in the sixties after The Beatles and the Rolling Stones was The Kinks. But Ray Davies didn’t create psychedelic, pulse-raising sounds. A humanist, he wrote about working lives with an unfashionable nostalgia that cost him a certain […]