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New books on London are hardly news; dozens are published each year. But I’m excited about Terry Farrell’s look at how cities are shaped by landscape. It should be of interest to anyone who wonders why London’s streets are so unfathomably awkward to get around. Three further volumes I’d recommend are here in my own collection; The London We Have Lost, London As It Might Have Been and Criminal London. All explore aspects of the city that have shaped our mental image of the capital.

2 comments on “London Books”

  1. I.A.M. says:

    It’s a bit cheeky, but could you perhaps review each of these in some detail? All of them sound fascinating and it would be illuminative to hear why you enjoyed them or employed their information in your writing (or why you didn’t, for that matter).


    Anyone willing to petition the author on this issue?

  2. Helen Martin says:

    Yes, please. “Shaping London” looks perfect for anyone interested in urban geography and the other two could be great as well. I would think the “as it might have been” takes up Wren’s plan to rationalise the city, but I could certainly be wrong.

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