A Song At Sunset

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Thinking further about music (I play music all day while I’m working), I suppose the third huge band in the sixties after The Beatles and the Rolling Stones was The Kinks. But Ray Davies didn’t create psychedelic, pulse-raising sounds. A humanist, he wrote about working lives with an unfashionable nostalgia that cost him a certain amount of fame. Not long ago he led this charmingly shambolic rendering of Waterloo Sunset at Waterloo, at sunset. The final result can be heard on the delicious choral Kinks album.

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  1. I.A.M. says:

    The Kinks Choral Collection is set for North American release 10 November, 2009. I can’t wait, personally.

    The key to Mr. Davies’s success (and you notice he’s only a CBE, so no ‘Sir’ for him yet) is his inability to separate from the normal life of everyday. He may not use psychedelic imagery, but his vocabulary is broad; one of the few words he’s not used in a lyric is ‘pencil’.

    Note to self: listen to 2007’s Working Man’s Café again to check on words used therein…

  2. Ian Payn says:

    Were The Kinks really the third sixties band after The Beatles and The Stones? What about The Who?

    Personally, I prefer The Kinks to any of the other three bands less mentioned, if only because Ray Davies isn’t a complete dick and hypocrite, unlike members of each of the other bands. But I don’t think I’m in a majority.

  3. admin says:

    They were for me. You didn’t hear The Who on jukeboxes so much because their songs were longer, and they had aspirations to grand rock. But I take your point, and anyway it’s good not to be in a majority.

  4. J. Folgard says:

    Thanks for this clip! I’ve been a fan of the Kinks for years, so it’s great to see Davies doing this beautiful song “on-site”.

  5. I.A.M. says:

    I love The Who, but it’s not the sort of music you put on to fill backgrounds; you put it on to wail on your guitar to.

    This video rammed the melody into my brain so firmly, I listened to three continuous hours of The Kinks’ 1960s music. The end result is a new-found respect for Ray Davies’s tune-smithing as ‘tunes for the people’ rather than music to make the people impressed with you.

    “Waterloo Sunset” may very well be ‘the perfect pop tune’ as some suggest.

    I also learned Raymond’s family name is pronounced “Davis” as well. Who knew…?

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