‘I Have To Get To A Library – Fast!’

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Bookshop shelves are currently stuffed with Mr Brown’s ‘The Lost Symbol’ and the hunt is on for the silliest dialogue line – something that will top the one above from The Da Vinci Code. It’s second only to ‘That man there! He’s got the map to the Holy Grail!’ (shouted by Sir Ian as he’s carted off by the cops). And yet, when movies take bad books seriously they can throw up good moments – such as the repopulation of London by ghosts in Ron Howard’s movie (visual trickery he first used in A Beautiful Mind). And I still wonder if the cryptex’s clue was sponsored by Mac. There’s anecdotal evidence that Mr Brown may well be driving people into bookshops, and I have to say I’ve read many worse books, including one about a treasure hunt for Hitler’s severed head! Meanwhile, publishers are searching for the next Dan Brown…I’ve got to get to a library – fast!