The Vanishing Thames


Transport For London decided to wreck Harry Beck’s iconic and innovative London Underground map by removing the Thames from it – essentially destabilising the grid by taking out its psychological compass. But there was clearly a craftier reason behind the move, which took place without public consultation of any kind; they hid the zone charges as well.
The good news? A wave of public outrage has led to the decision being instantly reversed, resulting in a victory against the little creep who came up with this scam.

3 comments on “The Vanishing Thames”

  1. David Read says:

    Does anyone know why, I would have thought for anyone new to London the Thames is a great point of reference.

    Well won’t be long and they will sponsor the lot, McDonalds Line, Aviva line etc.

  2. Adam Holdsworth says:

    The Thames is both a physical barrier to everyone trying to cross it and a psychological divide for many Londoners – being from East or South London is cultural ID for many of us Londoners. Also the Thames being displayed adds balance to the map.

    What a weird thing to try. Glad it was returned to the map.

  3. Steve says:

    The Thames (many Americans who don’t know any better have a habit of pronouncing it just like it’s spelled) IS London over here in the States – along with Tower Bridge and Big Ben. Also, for some reason Americans think Tower Bridge is London Bridge. Anyway, it’s strange that anyone would remove something so iconic from a map – any map. Rather like removing the Potomac from a map of Washington DC.

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