Monthly Archives: July 2009

Holiday Special: Roger Roger Ready For Takeoff!

I love Easyjet as much as I hate Ryanair. As a regular traveller I find Easyjet staff generally brilliant – they’ve got me onto flights after they’ve shut, and bailed me out in dire situations. It’s a shame I have to pass through the fat farm/ shopping mall that is Luton Airport, where the retail […]

London Pubs: The Old Bell Tavern

This modest Fleet Street boozer was built in the 1670’s for the workmen and masons who rebuilt Wren’s St. Brides Church after it was destroyed by the Great Fire of London in 1666. Fleet Street became synonymous with printing and newspapers. Most of Britain’s daily’s were printed here until the 1970’s & 80’s when the […]

Farewell To Mrs Slocombe’s Pussy

Mollie Sugden, the saving grace of the dismal 70s Britcom ‘Are You Being Served?’ has died at 86. Here, to remember her as she would have wanted – as the butt of some dreadful cheap jokes – is her pussy compilation.

London Pubs: The Anchor & The Banker

A stroll along the South Bank brings you to the tourist hell that is the Globe on a summer’s day. Actually, it’s a very civilised form of tourist hell, as everyone’s queuing for returns to ‘All’s Well That Ends Well’. Next door is The Anchor, a pub you think should be ruined by visitors staring […]

London’s Summer Madness Part 2

I always think London is best enjoyed unplanned. Indeed, when you try to plan anything, it always goes wrong here. I was heading down to Gabriel’s Wharf to see the beach – there was supposed to be a beach there, with lifeguards and surfing (a stunt by the Australian Tourist Board). Only there wasn’t. I […]