How To Sell More Blu-Ray Discs

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I really don’t want to turn my generally perky blog into grumpy stuff, but this irritated me. There’s a credit crunch on. Hollywood needs to shift product. Making films available at the same time on all formats would be an obvious help, but the danger is that as a consumer you might do what I do; think ‘Hmm, this film looks just about okay to spend a tenner on, but I wouldn’t want to spend three times that amount for it on Blu-Ray, just to receive a digital disc that won’t work over here and an extras disc I’ll never run’.
So the US studios have come up with what they think is a better strategy to make us pay vastly inflated prices for Blu-Ray discs. Starting with Paramount and Disney, they’re going to hold back regular DVDs and release Blu-Ray versions first, to try and strong-arm sales. Maybe it’s time for those cheap high-quality Chinese discs to come and flood the market now.

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  1. Kevin Wilson says:

    Or just decide what you are willing to pay for something and stick to it. I still haven’t bought the latest Bond movie on DVD (unusual for me) because it is such bad value – they could easily have fitted the pathetic sounding extras onto the same disk as the film. Usually the Bond people try to give reasonable value for money, so I don’t know why they have suddenly changed their approach.

    There are maybe five films I would be willing to pay blu-ray prices for, if I thought the quality of the picture and sound were improved enough – which they often aren’t. When I can pick up most blu-ray disks in Asda for a fiver or less, and a player for 30 quid or less, I’ll think about upgrading.

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