New Witch Announced



The Wookey Hole caves near Wells were looking for a new witch to teach visitors about witchcraft and magic after the previous incumbent retired. The job offer comes with a salary of £50,000 and its own broomstick. The job advert, placed in local newspapers and job centres earlier this month, says the successful applicant “must be able to cackle” and “must not be allergic to cats”.
Wookey Hole said it has since sent out 2,319 applications, and has received 23 letters of complaint from church or religious groups. In the end, the judges opted for 40-year-old estate agent Carole Bohanan, of Shepton Mallet, Somerset. She will resign from her job and go by the name of Carla Calamity. Carole – or Carla – said: “I am going to be a great witch. It’s a natural progression from my old job as an estate agent. I have been using my witching skills to sell houses for a long time.”

Legend has it that the caves were home to the Wookey witch who was turned to stone by Father Bernard, appointed by the Abbot of Glastonbury to rid villagers of her curse.

5 comments on “New Witch Announced”

  1. Helen Martin says:

    I’m glad the new one is so attractive. Why was cackling necessary, since the assumption must be that these replacement witches would not have evil intentions toward the village and everyone knows that only evil witches cackle. If these two recent posts weren’t taken from real papers I’d think that you were running a high fever, Chris, and halucinating.

  2. BangBang!! says:

    50 grand to pretend to be a witch?! My Jobseekers has just ran out and I’m skint – it’s just not fair. My birthday is on Halloween as well!!

  3. Terenzio says:

    Yes, but do you really want to wonder around a dark, damp cave in a dress all day, scaring the little kiddies. Not sure 50,000 is worth it.

  4. Terenzio says:

    I though the woman who got the job has a wonderful sense of humor.

  5. BangBang!! says:

    I’d love to run around in a dress scaring children. It would give a whole new meaning to my life!

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