Alien Illness Update


I’m going to try and do the Alien event at Somerset House as my recovery from swine flu has been faster than I’d expected, and I’m no longer contagious – a relief to the audience, I imagine…

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  1. Bang Bang!! says:

    Sorry to hear that bro! Hope you feel better soon.

  2. Helen Martin says:

    Aha! Foreign holiday = illness I hope it’s closer to 5 than 7 days. Drink fluids & get lots of rest, eh?

  3. auntie bob says:

    Must be something in the water!? I unfortunately had a severe reaction to some auntie-biotics and was admitted into hospital over the weekend.
    Luckily my trusty partner was around to keep my mind off the pain with facts about the ward that I was being transferred to from ACU – the Edith Cavell ward in Homerton Hospital, Hackney.
    So, imagine my surprise when the same trusty partner brought me Victoria Vanishes, released just days earlier in paperback, and for me to find more details on Miss Cavell within the story as I sat in the ward bearing her name. The incident just added a sense of preordained destiny to the pleasure of reading the most recent paperback, which I have been anticipating for 12 months. I dread to think what coincidences will befall me ahead of the paperback release of ‘On the Loose’.
    Fatefully yours, Auntie Bob

  4. Mike Cane says:

    I had that bastard H1N1 weeks before Mexico made the world aware of it. Don’t NOT take it lightly. It nearly suffocated me to death. Up your Vitamin D. Get well soon. Here’s hoping you’ve gained immunity against the inevitable 1918-like Second Wave. (If I haven’t, I’ll be dead early next year when Second Wave hits.)

  5. Terenzio says:

    Yes, and looking on the bright side…you should build up a natural immunity to this particular strain of flu. Hopefully they will develop a vaccine before next year. Another bright spot, you will be able to catch up on those books you been meaning to reading.

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