Author With A Happy Ending

Christopher Fowler
Some while back I wrote about trying to track down the author of a wonderful book. She subsequently wrote to me, explained why I had been unable to trace her, and invited me to her home in Spittalfields (the full story features in an upcoming article in The Times). Polly Hope is a visual designer whose work graces public buildings like the Globe Theatre and the Barbican, and creates a huge range of art. On Midsummer's Eve she threw a Zodiac concert party at home filled with the kind of English eccentrics I thought had all but vanished, and reminded me why I love London. She's seen here giving sunflowers to the cast, accompanied by a three-legged dog.
Polly wrote the libretto and made the zodiac symbols.
Polly wrote the libretto and made the zodiac symbols.
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Dogs and cats are wonderful,the way they adapt and carry on with a stiff upper lip so to speak. What is the little fellow's name? I am talking about the dog by the way. Those who have seen the television show, Coupling, will know what I mean.