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London’s Summer Madness Part 1

In any other European city it would be welcome – in France or Spain, summer sun usually means fine outdoor dining, fountains and aircooled rooms. Not in London, which descends into an urban death-rattle of heat, sweat and filth. Tube cooling never appeared, Oxford Street is looking especially unappealing now that the council has stuck […]

Things To Do On The London Underground

Have a dinner party.

Return To Roofworld

This is a short called Samparkour, by Wiland Pinsdorf, revealing the city of Sao Paulo via Parkour. If the sport had existed when I’d written ‘Roofworld’, I would definitely have included it in the book. I sometimes go and watch the kids do it at the South Bank, but this is amazing. Perhaps one day […]

America In London

Further to my post about Texas, I passed a rather neglected statue with American historical significance yesterday. John Cartwright was the first English writer to openly maintain the Declaration of Independence, and as it says here ‘Refused to draw his sword against the Rising Liberties of an Oppressed and Struggling People’. It would be nice […]

Greening London

There I was complaining about the lack of imaginative greenery in London when Billy Riley of the old Cross club fame has reopened The Driver in King’s Cross, complete with a stunning vertical garden, created by Patrick Blanc, who built the one in Paris (actually I think this is the nicer of the two). I […]

B & M & G & S

Right at the beginning of the Bryant & May series, back in the last century, I turned Arthur Bryant into a Gilbert & Sullivan fan, mainly because I’ve always loved G&S, and they’re so deeply unfashionable that it seemed appropriate for Arthur. The problem is that too many horrible amateur productions have been performed; when […]

Dodgy Deals In The House Of Commons

The new House of Commons Speaker is tiny John Bercow, who “flipped” his second home from his constituency to a £540,000 flat in London and claimed the maximum possible allowances for it. His expenses files reveal he also twice charged the public purse for the cost of hiring a chartered accountant to handle his tax […]

Greening London

Yes, the sun’s out and the city has gone mad. Opposite me, an open air bar has a single stripe of sunlit ground, onto which everyone is crammed in a line. London’s a remarkably green city in summer, but I wish there was more grass to sit on. Simon (of rooftop London fame) mentioned he […]

Theatre Stories

I’ve been toying with giving Mr Bryant and Mr May another theatre-based murder to solve, but this time set in the present day, and was doing some research on London theatres today. It’s very easy to get sidetracked, so while I was reading about the St James’s Theatre I was looking at Pickering Place, the […]

Bryant & May’s Mystery Map

We’re currently building a mystery Google map that will provide a key to many of Bryant & May’s London haunts – it will take some time to put together, and I’ll only do it if there’s sufficient interest. For example, the site below is where John May’s apartment is situated, at Shad Thames. The last […]