London Pubs No. 5: The Seven Stars, Carey St



Hidden away behind the Royal Courts of Justice (High Court) this odd little pub is about as quaint as the courts are grand. It was one of a handful of local buildings to survive the Great Fire (1666) and in 2002 celebrated its 400th anniversary with a street party.
Proprietor Roxy Beaujolais is presumably still there – she was the last time I went – and has carried out some sensitive renovations on the pub and a revamp on the menu. A changing selection of fresh, seasonal dishes can include oysters, steak, mussels, herrings and Caesar salad.
Behind the wood frontage is a thin bar and a small snug at one end, with an open fire. It is simply but comfortably furnished, with wooden settles and a few tables and chairs. There’s a display of legal paraphernalia in the window, and posters of old British courtroom dramas going up the frighteningly narrow stairs.
It’s easy to forget that places like this still exist…