Falling In Love With Books

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A bookshop should hold the promise of what you might find inside – a hint of mystery and excitement. In England we’ve fallen under the dominance of chain stores, but it’s not the same elsewhere. Here’s a shop I found in Paris that looks like Harry Potter would shop here, although they wouldn’t stock him. Another French store is one of a handful in which each shop specialises in a different subject. Of course, we do still have a few great small bookshops in London. There’s the excellent Goldsboro Books in Cecil Court, and I should mention the dedicated owners of the rather wonderful Big Green Bookshop in Wood Green, who keep a blog entitled ‘Open a bookshop, what could possibly go wrong?’ here.

British book chain that thinks it's a coffee chain

Book chain that thinks it's a coffee chain

Kind of entices you inside...

Real book shop

Specialised French store

Specialised French store

Excellent Indie Goldsboro Books

Excellent Indie Goldsboro Books

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  1. Gareth says:

    Goldsboro Books is a fantastic shop, and they’ve got a good website (http://www.goldsborobooks.com). If you like your collectables, then they’ve offered signed copies of books by a certain Mr Fowler. They’ve sold out of everything other than Paperboy and Full Dark House at the moment, and the latter is now selling for £125!!! (but if you get them nearer launch, they’re more affordable, Paperboy is £16.99 now).

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