Monthly Archives: May 2009

London Pubs No.7: Ye Olde Mitre, Ely Court

This very well-concealed pub (in a little yard just off Hatton Garden) is genuinely ancient; historic, quirky and atmospheric, replete with the panelling and pokey nooks and crannies you’d expect in such a place. If you don’t spot the sign on the lamp post in Hatton Garden pointing into the alleyway, you’ll walk straight past […]

Film Freak No.1

I was working out which movie to present at the gig I’ve been offered next month, and started wondering why certain truly deranged movies don’t appear on UK DVDs. One which came up several times was this outrageous US TV-film of ‘Reefer Madness’, which is a musical version of the old thirties monochrome shocker about […]

Hitting A High Note

Another rooftop London assignment for our Simon, getting high with the band – on the roof of Camden Town’s Roundhouse, that is.

London Pubs No.7: The Jerusalem Tavern

Back On The Roof

Simon’s been climbing around London rooftops again. Here’s his charming wife being served tea on top of Kensington Palace roof…

Infinite London

People have asked about the opening shots of London on this site, all of which are from Flickr. Here are a couple that didn’t make it (but only because of lack of space). It’s worth pointing out to non-Londoners that brown night skies are the curse we live with here, thanks to phenomenal light pollution […]

Up On The Roof (Again)

My friend Simon has been up on the city’s rooftops art-directing a ‘Visit London’ campaign, and has been getting some cracking shots from angles we don’t normally see. Here’s the Dean of Westminster taking tea on the roof of his gaff, as you probably be tempted to do.

London Pubs No.6: The Old Dr Butler’s Head

This pub can be found at 2 Mason’s Avenue, London Wall. Dr. Butler was a fraud. He failed to qualify at Cambridge and practised some pretty outrageous ‘cures’. For epilepsy he would fire a brace of pistols near his unsuspecting patient’s face, to scare the epilepsy from them, or in cases of the plague, plunge […]

Camden Goes Mod

An impromptu mod scooter parade through Camden on Saturday reminded me that the town always was, and always will be, the home of Madness rather than Amy Winehouse (whose horse face is emblazoned on the side of a market stall). This coffee stall is typical in what I identify as Camden-Mod style. So I thought […]

MP Claims We’re All Jealous

Tory MP Anthony Steen shoved the inspection of five hundred trees on expenses and had this to say about being caught out. “I think I have behaved impeccably. I have done nothing criminal. And you know what it’s about? Jealousy. I have got a very, very large house. Some people say it looks like Balmoral, […]