Race Relations


Whenever I start a new collection of short stories, I keep a timeline of events so that I can contextualise the writing a little. This week, it was revealed that 1 in 10 children in Britain now lives in a mixed-race family, with mixed-race relationships so common that traditionally distinct ethnic groupings will soon disappear in British minds. No bad thing in my book, but it’s not for the royal family, after Prince Harry was rebuked for using the term ‘Paki’ and Prince Charles admitted to calling an Asian friend ‘Sooty’. To remind ourselves why it might be nice to get rid of overtly racial distinctions, have a look at this jaw-droppingly creepy Louis Armstrong impersonator, who happens to be Japanese. QED.
Thanks and a tip of the hat to Liveleak.com.

2 comments on “Race Relations”

  1. stonemuse says:

    When is the next short story collection planned for release? They are always my favourite.

  2. admin says:

    I’m about halfway through the next set of short stories, which include all-new tales of unease set in London, Cambodia, India and Poland…

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