Time For Your Check-Up

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I’m blogging a lot at the moment because a/ I’m stuck on a plot point for the next Bryant & May, and b/ my partner and I will shortly be heading to India, and we’ll be gone for almost three weeks, during which time I won’t be blogging often (I work on a MacBook Air so it has to be Wi-Fi, and where we’re going, there ain’t roads).
Anyway, here are the links to the short film based on my short story ‘On Edge’, starring Doug Bradley and Charlie Boorman (ooh, and I’m in there as a blink-and-miss it patient). It’s too big to embed, so just click the two links…
On Edge 1
On Edge 2

One comment on “Time For Your Check-Up”

  1. BangBang!! says:

    Excellent stuff. Doug as charismatic as usual and a young looking Charlie Boorman.

    Everytime I get to this story I tell myself to skip past it – it’s not worth the toe-curling and fist-clenching But it is, it really is. I think I have built it up in my head and now when I read the bit about how the tongue moves when a little handle is turned I have “Half a Pound of Twopenny Rice” going through my head, like one of those cheap Jack-in-the-Boxes.

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