London’s Weirdest Shops


Well, it wouldn’t be so weird in another time or place (Cornwall, the 1920s?) but every time I pass it I ask myself; what the HELL is a really old-fashioned ship’s chandler’s doing just behind Tottenham Court Road? I mean, it’s bloody miles from the sea, and who in London’s West End needs to buy a navigation chart or a diagram showing how to tie a sheepshank knot? A total mystery, but I love it being there.

Stuck in town and need a boat-hook? Here's your place!

Stuck in town and need a boat-hook? Here's your place!

6 comments on “London’s Weirdest Shops”

  1. Simon T. says:

    You’d be surprised: recently bought a bosun’s whistle (the brass kind that were – are? – used to pipe an officer on board) there. A must visit for anyone baffled by what to give the picky salty sea-dog in their family for Christmas.

  2. Sluggo says:

    I see lots of rope.. perhaps they get lots of custom from the bondage crowd?

  3. I.A.M. says:

    Were this shop to re-locate, may I suggest the upper floors of the place in King’s Cross? The lighthouse would make sense again.

  4. Chris Tandy says:

    There is an association between ‘theatreland’ and sailors. Traditionally they worked in the fly-galleries of the west-end playhouses, as they were adept at using the flying and counterweight systems.
    Could ‘Beales’ be where they bought the necessary tracklements? Could it also stop them being homesick ,or possibly seasick?

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