A Rare Glimpse Of London


This was footage found in Australia, showing London life in 1904 – it’s slightly too fast, but one of the best clips I’ve ever seen about ordinary Londoners. Watch out for the train in the end shot, crossing Fleet Street. 

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  1. A.B. says:

    An incredible piece of footage… it’s also opened a gateway to so much more.
    I didn’t know the BFI had added some of their archives to youtube so many thanks for the link.
    Silent film is where my heart lies and the pioneers of film-making are the ones who inspire me.

    I loved The Fugitive Futurist (1924) with its futuristic visions of London landmarks (Trafalgar Square flooded is creepy)


    and Tea Making Tips (1941) How very English of a guy to spend 10 mins explaining the correct way to make a perfect cup!! Very amusing

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