End Of The World Isn’t Very Interesting



OK, so the spider isn't in this shot...

And that spider (one leg, anyway) is back too.

The Tate Modern is currently having an apocalypse. I’d tell you who the artist is, but their messy website isn’t easy to decipher. You’re in a shelter full of pristine yellow and blue bunk beds. Each one has an SF book on it, and there are End Of The World clips running, and the place has a few huge bits of art dotted around from past exhibitions (that huge spider is on its third outing – at this rate it’ll be more used than old Gilbert & Sullivan scenery).

But the problem is that it’s neither involving, menacing or anything else, just lazy and dull and cliched. The piece just makes you want to read the books and watch the clips to see how an apocalypse should really be dealt with. When the end of the world arrives, it hopefully won’t be so boring. This is the first really lame exhibition the Tate Modern has staged – can’t the Weather Project artist come back and do something new? (A tropical rainstorm perhaps?)


Strangely thrilling & Pagan: The Weather Project

Strangely thrilling & Pagan: The Weather Project

2 comments on “End Of The World Isn’t Very Interesting”

  1. I.A.M. says:

    Goodness me! Who is that strikingly handsome young man on the right leafing through the book? And why is that floor at such an extreme cant? (and insert your own joke here based on philosophical ethics and enlightenment theories)

  2. I.A.M. says:

    …and for those interested enough in finding out what the beds, films, and books are there for, there’s an essay which is probably supposed to explain all that right here (which is actually more confusing than the exhibition itself, but that’s always the way, isn’t it?).

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