Competition Results!

Bryant and May

Well, it’s nearly Hallowe’en, so let’s call the competition closed and take a look at those ‘Missing Case’ competition entries…

You all came up with cases that Bryant & May would be proud to investigate, but in first place it has to be Maureen Stanton’s The Belles of Westminster, a Peculiar Crime with a smart fifties feel to it. Well done, Maureen, that’s going into a Bryant & May book, probably ‘Bryant & May On The Loose’.

But there were some great Runners-Up. I especially liked Rob Aherne’s The Case Of The Vauxhall Vesuvius, Steven Groves’ The Case Of The Clapham Dog Mesmerizer,  and Murray’s The Gamages Maniac.

If you’d all like to email me at I’ll arrange to meet you in King’s Cross and give you your book sets. A Happy Hallowe’en to all.

2 comments on “Competition Results!”

  1. Mike Cane says:

    Congrats to the winners. Only now, looking at the pic, do I have a semi-worthy title: The Case of the Flip-Flopped Photo!

  2. Stephen Groves says:

    thanks for the runner up position.The Winning entry from Maureen Stanton ,The Belles of Westminster is an excellent and worthy winner.

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