London Secrets


Here are a couple of unusual London sights this week. When bad seventies buildings are torn down, they briefly expose older houses behind which are never normally seen from the street. One such new view has suddenly appeared in St Martin’s Lane.

Older still is this view taken from an alleyway in St Chad’s behind King’s Cross. The Dickensian buildings at the centre don’t appear to have changed much in 150 years.

Should you find yourself near this location, you should definitely try Smithy’s bar & restaurant, a former blacksmiths and one of the best-kept secrets in King’s Cross. They do great Sunday hangover breakfasts (with newspapers, natch)


Smithy's - a hidden King's Cross gem

Smithy's - A hidden King's Cross gem

2 comments on “London Secrets”

  1. I.A.M. says:

    Having just booked a room at an hotel betwixt King’s Cross and Angel, this shall be the answer to refusing to pre-book a breakfast buffet for the Princely sum of £6/morning. Expecting to be unable to consume one’s own weight in dodgy assorted fruit and under-cooked bacon, life is too short not to spend some in this “Smithy’s” of yours. HUZZAH!

  2. D G says:

    With all the tearing down & rebuilding in London might something be unearthed that B&M could take an interest in?
    Before it’s covered up again by steel & glass ‘luxury’ apartments?

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