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June Cryer is a downtrodden, shopaholic suburban housewife, trapped in a lousy marriage. After discovering her husband's infidelity with her flight attendant neighbour, Hilary 'Boarding From The Rear' Cooper, she loses her home, her husband and her credit rating. 

Then her best pal, the appallingly non-PC Lou, offers her a way out; a mutual friend needs someone reliable to act as caretaker in a spectacular London riverside high-rise apartment while the security system is being repaired. It's just for the weekend, but there's good money in it… Seizing the opportunity to escape, June moves into the penthouse only to find that there's no electricity and the phones don't work. She must flat-sit until the security system comes back on. 

When a terrified girl breaks into the flat and June makes the mistake of asking the wealthy, unfriendly neighbours for help, she finds herself embroiled in an escalating nightmare, trying to prove that a murderer exists. But there's another unexpected twist when she discovers that the paintings she's meant to be minding are all missing - and that leaves her running for her life. 

Over the next 24 hours June must survive on the streets without friends or money, solve an impossible crime, and fight off the urge to buy a new wardrobe. 

This is the first publication of Christopher Fowler's much-discussed cult novel, and features a foreword by Joanne Harris. Thanks to fans who had read sections, 'Plastic' is one of the few books that got glowing reviews even before it was printed.

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The dark reverse of a personal growth novel, a hoot of a crime thriller.

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