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Hell Train

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Imagine there was a supernatural chiller that Hammer Films never made. A grand epic produced at the Studio's peak, which played like a cross between the Dracula and Frankenstein films and 'Dr Terror's House of Horrors'… 

Four passengers meet on a train journey through Eastern Europe during the First World War, and face a mystery that must be solved if they are to survive the trip. As the 'Arkangel' races through the war-torn countryside, they must find out: 

What is in the casket that everyone is so afraid of? 

What is the tragic secret of the veiled Red Countess who travels with them? 

Why is their fellow passenger the army brigadier so feared by his own men? 

And what exactly is the devilish secret of the Arkangel itself? 

Bizarre creatures, satanic rites, terrified passengers and the romance of traveling by train, all in a classically styled supernatural adventure.