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So, after your kind help, we reached - or rather the publisher's designers reached - a decision on the cover of 'The Sand Men' which was not one of the ones most of us chose! Having said that, I really do like it, as it captures the tone of the book perfectly - somehow looking like an SF book, yet based in the present. So, job well done Solaris and thank you - now all we have to do is get someone…
Christopher Fowler
Well, that was fun! As well as the extremely constructive and thoughtful comments posted on the site, I've received a huge number of emails about where to take my decrepit duo next, and I've acted accordingly. I already had a loose raft of ideas mapped out, but I have now been able to shape them into roughly two novels with your input. One of these will definitely feature an incapacitated Bryant…
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A recent conversation with a friend who's writing her first novel raised a couple of interesting points. She was looking to produce a novella, but worried that the length would mitigate publishers' interest. Many of my favourite 20th century novels are short - notably Virginia Woolf, George Orwell and Evelyn Waugh's satires, but also the first half of JG Ballard's career was spent writing short…
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